Appointed Representatives

If you (a principal firm) want to take on an Appointed Representative (AR) it’s important that you understand the responsibilities. As the AR will be covered under your FCA permission you (the principal firm) assume full accountability for the AR’s compliance.

We work to help you fully understand how to oversee and monitor your AR’s to ensure they remain compliant.

Why Do Businesses Have Appointed Representatives?

One of the reasons principal firms bring on AR’s is to generate revenue. The AR’s typically pay a fee for the right to operate under the firm’s permissions. This can lead to a fruitful relationship for the principal firm and the AR.

Do You Want To Bring In An Appointed Representative?

Our team can guide you through the Appointed Representative process smoothly.

Monitoring an Appointed Representative

The FCA expects you (as the principal firm) to evidence your AR is fully compliant in due diligence, monitoring and written agreements. If you fail to demonstrate compliance of the appointed representative, it can cause significant risk to you.

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